Alocasia Black Velvet have deep green velvet leaves leaves with white veins that captures the eye immediately. It's an unusual plant for any collection! These plants grow from a root ball. Mature plants can grow smaller bulbs from which new Alocaisa can grow. 

Alocasia Black Velvet

  • Alocasia like bright, indirect light. Best placed around a metre away from a window that receives a good few hours of light. Be careful the plant isn't exposed to direct sun as its leaves can burn.

    They love high humidity so pop in a bathroom, next to a humidifier, or mist every day. Soil should be moist a couple of centimetres below the surface, but don't let the soil become soggy. Consistency is key with this plant!

    Alocasia enjoy slightly warmer household temperatures. Best between 16ºc - 25ºc.

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