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Calathea Angela have gorgeous deep-green striations, dusted with a delicate pink border. 


Called prayer plants, Calathea move depending on the time of day, folding their leaves upwards at night when they go to sleep, and unfolding with the morning sun.

Calathea Angela

  • Calathea like bright, indirect light. Best placed around a metre away from a window that receives a good couple of hours of light. Be careful the plant isn't exposed to direct sun as its leaves can be scorched.

    They prefer higher humidity so pop in a bathroom, next to a humidifier, or mist every day. Soil should be moist a couple of centimetres below the surface. Water less in winter. Be careful with feeding as some plant food can burn a calathea's roots. 

    Calathea enjoy slightly warmer household temperatures. Best between 15ºc - 23ºc.

  • 4- Say hi to me every day.

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