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Monstera Deliciosa, or Swiss Cheese Plants, are a classic houseplant. Featuring lush, deep-green leaves, mature plants produce leaves with holes in their foliage, said to allow water through to their native forest ground. 


In their natural habitat, monstera climb trees to reach the sunlight. Producing edible fruit, this plant requires support as they mature. They enjoy larger pots in which to grow, and produce aerial roots which should be encourages to attach to a moss pole, or placed into the soil of the pot to further support the plant. 

Monstera Deliciosa

  • Monstera Deliciosa are a tropical plant, so flourish under those conditions.

    They tolerate the usual household humidity, but higher humidity will boost growth so pop in a bathroom, near a humidifier, or mist every now and then. 

    Water regularly— as soon as the top inch of soil becomes dry. Think tropical climate!

    Over-watered leaves will turn yellow. 

    Monstera enjoy standard household temperatures. Best between 12ºc - 24ºc.

    They will need support to grow, and will produce larger and more fenestrated leaves if supported. 

  • 2- Easy Peasy!

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