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Sedum are a genus of plants that are very easy to care for. Enjoying bright light with some full sun, these little plants are great for your windowsill. Preferring their soil to be completely dry before watering, you can pretty much forget about this plant until you notice its soil pulling away from the pot edges and looking drier than two-day toast. Water after at least one week of being fully dry, but don't forget about it completely!

Sedum Burrito

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  • Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering. Water by placing in a bowl until the bottom quarter is fully submerged and leave for an hour or so. The plant will absorb as much as it needs! Set aside for the excess water to drain away before returning them to their home. 

    Tolerant of standard household temperature. 10ºc-25ºc

    Sedum are able to flower if allowed to go dormant in winter. It's worth researching!

  • 1- Super easy— I could take care of you!

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