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When full-grown, the spiral cactus can reach heights of 6 to 13 feet tall and be 4 to 5 inches in diameter. Contrary to what people believe, not all cacti are slow growers! The spiral cactus is one of the fastest-growing cacti, so you’ll be rewarded quickly for giving this plant the proper care and attention.

Spiral Cactus

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  • The Cereus Forbesii is a cactus that likes to be watered regularly during the growing seasons of spring and summer, but you should water it less frequently during the fall and winter. Cooler temperatures tend to increase the risk of root rot. As always with cacti, you should allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

    Younger plants need some shade as they grow and mature but will still need up to four hours of direct sunlight. As the plant grows and matures, it will require full sun all day long. You’ll know if your young Cereus forbesii is getting too much sun if you notice pale spots on its waxy skin. If you see these spots, move the cactus to a shadier location or add a sheer curtain to the window.

    Tolerant of standard household temperature. 10ºc-25ºc

    Sedum are able to flower if allowed to go dormant in winter. It's worth researching!

  • 1- Super easy— I could take care of you!

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